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 What Others Are Saying...

If I could I would give one-million-star rating for these cakes are heavenly. The taste is beyond delicious and I can literally feel the love and beauty of Elizabeth, The Mystical Baker in every bite. Simply looking at the Buddha and Lotus Flower and the work she puts into the detail makes these cakes the most unique and beautiful cakes in the world. Gift one for yourself and bless your loved ones. Don’t wait for a birthday.
Michele Blood

I purchased the vanilla cake with the wild Hibiscus buttercream filling it was light and delicious and the cake was moist. It was FLAVORTASTIC!
Melanie A.
New York

The ascetics for the cake was simply beautiful and so details from the OM signs to the Buddha Statue topper. Elizabeth took care of me and made sure my cake arrived on time. The cake and the filling was very fragrant and filling was absolutely delicious. Thank you for making sure it turned out great!
Dan Tang
San Diego

I ordered a cake from spiritualcakes.com for my birthday this year and loved every single bite of it. It arrived on time, in perfect condition and was beautifully wrapped. I ordered the small ginger spice cake and that was perfect! Half of the cake was eaten at a small gathering of 6 people ate the other half I had to myself. The first thing I did the next morning was have a piece of cake and I thought to myself “wow! This tastes even better today.” I had some the next day and again it tasted better than the day before. It stayed moist the whole time . It was great with organic vanilla bean ice cream. My cake lasted six days and each bite was fantastic. I was actually sad when it was gone but then remembered that the poppy seed cake that I also wanted to try is just a few clicks away on the very easy to navigate website. Thanks Elizabeth, this was truly the best cake I ever tasted!!
Julia Hines

These cakes by Elizabeth are very special. They are filled with so much light and so much love. Not only are they incredibly beautiful, with such intricate designs, but they taste exquisite. I feel so much happiness in my heart with every bite. Thank you Elizabeth, for spreading this love from your heart to so many others. It is such a blessing to be able to taste all of the beauty put into each cake.
Holly Fallah

I tried the vanilla vegan cake and it was amazing!!! I would have never guessed it was vegan. It was the perfect amount of sweet, the cake was so moist, and it had the right amount of icing, it was absolute perfection!
Christina Magenta

I was gifted the six inch lemon cake and it was amazing! I shared it with a friend and he gobbled it up too, much to my amazement! Also, I gifted my mom a six inch ginger spice cake and she was very impressed by it. She thought to herself, “This is pretty tasty!” and couldn’t help but go back for more. I know these cakes are filled with Light and I plan on buying many more for my loved ones. It’s pretty awesome how it arrives at your doorstep. And my mom and I did not experience any issues with the shipping process and everything was intact and lovely. Thank you, Elizabeth, for all your efforts! Much love to you!
Jeananne Onstayan
Las Vegas, NV

I purchased a vegan vanilla cream cake, with a giant gold Buddha on top, surrounded by edible flowers, and it was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! My friend is a vegan and I was wary about what a vegan cake would taste like, but it was no different than a regular one, and it was absolutely amazing! I think we nearly finished the cake upon our first sitting. And Elizabeth rigged spiritual music to play from the box that was light activated upon opening. She literally thought of everything. My friend was flying in the clouds and so were her husband and daughter. And me? I’m looking through my datebook to find the next birthday that’s on my calendar!
Michele Leifer
New York City

My awesome bestie surprised me with the most amazing cake I have ever seen let alone eaten. I was completely blown away! I had the vanilla buttercream vegan option with a beautiful golden Buddha on top it tasted delicious not heavy at all so I had seconds. The detail in the decoration is unreal lotus flowers in fondant on the sides and an edible golden Buddha. The coolest part was when you open the box a Buddhist chant goes off! Absolutely amazing five stars! Best birthday cake ever!
Lucinda M.
Whitestone, New York

Received my cake on 2nd day air shipping. Everything was perfect. The packing and wrapping of my cake was amazing. The details on the Lotus Flower were beautiful. I loved the sitting Buddha that decorated the side of the cake and the birds, the border was made in the shape of Mala beads. Detail was beautiful. I ordered the Ginger Spice wanting something a little different and loved the flavor and cake was moist. This cake made my whole family smile.

Elizabeth! This was the most beautiful birthday dessert display I have ever seen! The cakes were not only decorated perfectly, but they tasted marvelous! Buddha wishing me well made an extra special touch for my 60th birthday! Thank you Mystical Baker!!! Divine Coconut Cake...
New Jersey

Was at my sisters surprise Birthday Party with her Buddha Cake. I had the vegan cake, which I thought was fantastic!
I loved the texture of the cake and the icing - great combination of flavor as well. Truly a wonderful, sweet and pleasurable to the palate!
New Jersey

I was at my friend's Birthday party and had the small chocolate cake treat and loved it. The cake was consistent and moist and the the chocolate was very tasty. The icing was very smooth and was perfect - not too sweet. It was a great contrast in flavors and also the chocolate drizzle with 24 karat gold was a nice touch.
New Jersey

A cake was ordered for my girlfriend's birthday it was a 3 tier coconut cream cake with an edible golden Buddha on top created by the Mystical Baker. WOW! I have never seen anything like it, such a beautiful dessert spread that actually tasted delicious too! The Golden Buddha was an extra special touch on the cake the room was filled with happiness and laughter! Such an inspiration.
Leif Larsen
New Jersey

I was at a special occasion, my mother's birthday. My Aunt ordered a cake and an assortment of desserts for the party. It was unbelievable a Buddha cake never saw a cake like this before. I ate one of the small individual chocolate cakes it was awesome!
New Jersey

"I LOVED the vanilla vegan cake. The presentation, golden Buddha, was amazing! The flavor of the cake and icing were delicious and right up my alley, consistency was perfect!
New Jersey

I attended a party where the guest was presented with her surprise cake, a 3 tier cake topped with a Golden Buddha! But there was a beautiful dessert spread with it. The other desserts consisted of gluten-free chocolate cakes a vegan cake topped with berries and regular chocolate cakes decorated with chocolate accents and 24-carat gold. I love chocolate so it was spot on, moist and delicious and the buttercream was amazing not too sweet. Mystical Baker wonderful!
New Jersey

I love coconut cake! This cake was perfect in flavoring and thought it was absolutely fantastic! I loved the presentation as each tier had a different texture topped with a laughing Golden Buddha fresh leaves and a beautiful edible Hibiscus Flower. I wish The Mystical Baker lots of luck and keep doing what you are doing!
New Jersey

"Have you ever been in love before? That overwhelmingly exquisite bursting-at-the-seems-ecstasy that makes you want to scream to high heaven and to anyone within ear-shot that yes indeed, love has arrived, and IT IS OH SO GOOOOOD!!! Well, ever wonder what that would taste like in cake form? (no I'm not exaggerating...it's 3am and instead of sleeping, I'm writing a review on cake! It's that friggin' good!!!) I received mine as an unexpected gift and I cannot stress this enough - this woman has a gift...the cake was a work of art. The amount of minuscule detail placed into every inch has to be seen to be believed, and it tastes as good as it looks (or even better). Mine was a sour cream poppy seed with a whipped white chocolate lemon ganache filling...if you don't know where to start, try this one! I've now had this and the vanilla with hints of syrup-soaked rose and hibiscus flowers mixed into the swiss meringue buttercream filling (just saying it is a mouthful of deliciousness)! No matter what you try, I'm sure it'll be as amazing as these two. Both were amazingly light, with a symphony of subtlety that was just the right blend of sweet, soft and moist. To put this into context, I've had desserts from a lot of 5 star hotels like Ritz-Carlton, 4-Seasons, Omni, Fairmont, you name it, and even eaten many fine meals at different locales around the world, and yet, this will be the first time I've ever been moved to write a review about food, EV-ER! That said, do yourself a favor and treat your taste buds, or someone else's taste buds, to a whole lotta love!

I want to express my gratitude for the cakes for my sisters Birthday. I wanted to let you know that the cakes were exquisite. The attention to detail was phenomenal and their flavors were supremely delicious. I loved the texture and flavors in every way. Overall it was one of the most delicious cakes I have ever seen and eaten in my life.
Ann Corman
West Virginia

I ordered a cake from The Mystical Baker for my daughter's birthday and let me tell you, she exceeded my expectations. I ordered the coconut cream and it was amazing! The cake was super moist and full of flavor. The gold accents on the side of the cake, as well as the gold Buddha and fresh coconut on top were beautiful! Elizabeth was great to work with, I'll be back for more, there are so many other flavors I want to try!
Judy M.
Brooklyn, New York

We celebrated our 50th Anniversary in October 2017 and a dear friend arranged a very special anniversary card which included a generous Gift Certificate for a cake from The Mystical Buddha Cake Shop. We had never heard of the shop or the cakes before and we would soon discover that truly magical and mystical cakes exist in the world!

I contacted Elizabeth the following July to ask if we could make arrangements for the delivery of an OM cake to celebrate Part 2 of our anniversary. Family and friends planned to gather at a vacation home rental in Brigantine, New Jersey and I thought it would be a perfect time to order the cake and share it with everyone.

Elizabeth is an absolute delight to work with! She has very insightful recommendations for flavors and frostings and special inclusions for her cakes. We discussed options and Elizabeth learned each person on the vacation also had something special to celebrate, whether birthday or anniversary. Elizabeth asked for a list of our guests' names and respective occasions.

We were BLOWN AWAY by the presentation of the cakes – delivered by Elizabeth herself – to the front door of the vacation home! Elizabeth told me she was launching a mini cake selection for the shop. However, these amazing cakes were anything but “mini” - each one was a perfect jewel. The packaging, presentation and the sheer BEAUTY of each cake was truly SHOW STOPPING. Each couple was presented with their own mini cake, a little golden Buddha on the top and a hidden scroll underneath each Buddha. Not only were these little mini cakes gorgeously decorated, they were INDESCRIBABLY DELICIOUS! We honestly hoped we’d have enough days during our vacation to consume the cakes! J In addition, Elizabeth included beautifully designed gift cards in GOLDEN ENVELOPES for each couple (we are convinced the cards/envelopes were created in an alternative magical realm!) The entire experience was exquisite.

Elizabeth also created a special OM cake for (our) anniversary. We refrigerated it and brought it back to our home in Upstate New York at the end of the week. The OM cake maintained its beauty and flavor and we enjoyed it a full week later. It was PERFECTION!

To say everyone on the trip would “recommend” The Mystical Buddha Cake Shop without reservation for any and all occasions does not adequately describe our mutual enchantment with Elizabeth’s cakes. Her cakes belong on everyone’s list – to order for themselves or as a gift! The cakes are amazing and BEYOND delectable. THEY ARE AN EXPERIENCE not to be missed.

Many thanks to Elizabeth and her company. We enjoyed our Mini Buddha Cakes and OM cake very, very much. And we are grateful to Elizabeth for her generosity and sharing her talent with us. We consider ourselves very fortunate indeed.

May The Mystical Buddha Cake Shop continue to flourish,
Warmest regards
Michele and Rit Ruzzo

I have no words to describe the magic in Elizabeth’s cakes! I have ordered a few cakes now, and I have to say that it’s really hard to go back to eating regular cake after trying these cakes! It really isn’t just a cake, but a gift for the soul. The moment I started to unwrap the cake from the box, I could feel the Divine Love showering me in such a powerful way. My whole being became very still, and I could really feel the perfection put into the cake. Every single detail, from the packaging to the way the cake was wrapped, the details, designs textures and flavors of the cake were done with absolute perfection. All I can say is Divine Perfection! Thank you, Elizabeth for sharing your beauty and your Love with others in the form of delicious cake! I am so grateful!
Holly Fallah, San Diego

Elizabeth's cakes are delicious! Not only are they moist, they are beautifully decorated! She only uses the best ingredients and everything on her cakes are always edible. My guest were more than delighted with these cakes adorned with gold angel wings, WOW! She also offers keto cakes, gluten free, and other organic options! It is obvious she takes pride in her work and loves what she does. I highly recommend her delicious treats and will only get my sweet treats from her moving forward! Thanks for baking with love Mystical Baker!
Kendra Quick