Can I be sure my gift will be delivered on time?
There is no recreating the experience of receiving a gift on the actual day of one’s birthday or special occasion, and we are committed to fulfilling this pledge to our Mystical Cake customers. Please be advised to order your cake at least one week prior to the day you wish to receive your Mystical Cake. We deliver via 2-day UPS and the only time we had a cake not delivered on time was when there was a strike with the national shipping office which is extremely rare. If that ever does happen we will refund your money for the shipping and the cake.

At what time will my Mystical Cake be delivered?
It depends. If you choose to have a gift delivered via the standard 2-Day UPS service, UPS guarantees delivery before end of day (actual time of delivery varies, depending on the location to which it’s being sent, though most deliveries do occur by 5pm local time). Most Saturday deliveries occur before 3pm local time, though it may be a bit later depending on the location.

What if my Mystical Cake arrives late or is damaged?
On-time delivery is of utmost importance to us and our delivery service provider, UPS. If you experience complications with the delivery of your order you may be eligible for a refund on your shipping amount or the total order amount if the gift is damaged. Please notify us by emailing to and send your name, contact information and order number. A representative will contact you shortly thereafter to resolve the matter. Please be advised that we must receive notification no later than 14 days after the package is received to process a reship or refund.

I need a gift delivered tomorrow. What is the latest time I can place an order?
We presently do not have that option available as the cakes take time to prepare however when we do we will add that to our site.

Why am I not able to select certain dates for delivery on your delivery date calendar?
There are certain days throughout the year on which we cannot deliver, such as Sundays (as UPS does not operate that day), certain holidays, and in some cases, the day directly following a holiday. We also cannot deliver gifts on Mondays between Memorial Day and Labor Day, due to summer heat. The days on which delivery is not possible are grayed out on our calendar.

How does the Mystical Cake stay fresh?
The cakes are sent frozen and wrapped for freshness. They are shipped out in a corrugated box that is lined with an insulated liner. It will also contain dry ice combined with gel packs and packing material so the cake will not move during shipment. Be careful when opening package and handle dry ice with gloves.

What kind of ingredients do you use?

  • We use only the finest ingredients.
  • Cake Toppers are made of Gum paste and are brushed in edible gold.
  • The cakes are wrapped in white fondant which is gluten free.
  • Organic Products used: Eggs, Flour, Milk, Butter Milk, Cream, Sour Cream, Butter, Almond milk, Earth Balance vegan butter, Vanilla, All high quality baking Chocolate, Vanilla Beans, Poppy Seeds, Coconut Milk, Coconut Flakes, Lemons. Non hydrogenated shortening, powdered sugar, coconut oil unrefined, apple cider vinegar, hibiscus extract, rose water, hazelnut flour, cocoa powder, cornstarch, Himalayan salt. Hazelnut liquor, chocolate extract, baking soda.
  • I use white sugar and organic sugar.
  • We are NOT a nut free facility

We bake these cakes with the intention of putting a smile on your face and that you find that moment of happiness.

Can I send a gift to a college or university? What about a hotel or other business institutions?
Yes. However, most colleges (as with hotels, state-side military bases and other places of business) have their own protocol for receiving packages. We highly recommend contacting the place to which you wish to send the gift and find out information regarding their on-site mail process. Simply tell them you’re trying to send a perishable gift to someone there via UPS, and they will be able to tell you the exact address to which the package must be sent. Once received, the mailing center shall either deliver the package to your recipient or alert him/her of its arrival for pick-up.

Can I have a gift delivered outside of the 50 United States?
Our Mystical Cakes can only be delivered domestically within the 50 United States (no territories).

Will my gift be left at the front door?
The answer to this question is both Yes & No. Yes, if shipping to a location deemed “safe to leave” by the UPS driver (as many people are not home in the daytime hours during which UPS operates, our gifts are always sent via “Shipper Release”, so that a signature is not required for delivery). However, they will most likely not leave packages outside of locations in large cities, offices, apartments, or anywhere in which public display and accessibility is overly apparent. This is for both safety and security reasons. Please be advised that whether a package can be left outside a recipient’s address is solely at the UPS driver’s discretion (which is why we’ll always email you the UPS tracking number for your gift upon shipment so that you can monitor the package’s transit and delivery progress at If the package cannot be left outside, a UPS door notice will be left to communicate that a package delivery has been attempted, and re-delivery will occur automatically on the next business day.

What if I need to change the shipping address of my package, or if I realize after the fact that I entered part of the shipping address incorrectly — will my gift still be delivered on time?
Possibly. In the event we’re notified of an incorrect shipping address, we will do our best to fix the situation promptly. We contact UPS directly to update the shipping information, but timing of the updated delivery depends upon the distance from the original location to the updated address. In most cases, delivery to the new address will occur the following business day, as the package must first be taken back to the local facility to be resorted. If the original zip code is close enough to the altered destination zip code, UPS will do their best to get the package there the same day (though not guaranteed).

If my gift cannot be delivered due to an incomplete/incorrect shipping address and UPS returns the package, can I get a refund?
No. Given the perishable nature of our gifts, a complete and correct shipping address is always required for delivery. If your gift cannot be delivered due to incorrect or omitted address information and is returned, a refund will not be issued — not only because the product of course cannot be reused once shipped out, but also because UPS charges us additional shipping to return the package from the destination to which it was sent.

Contact: 1-862-213-9083