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Elizabeth Stewart is the owner of a small cake shipping company in the USA call The Mystical Buddha Cake Shop.  She’s known as the Mystical Baker.  But it was meditation that first inspired her beautiful baking. “I have been meditating for 6 years” she tells OM. “It has changed my life in so many ways and has helped me deal with life and everything that goes with it.”

One day inspired by her practice, she came up with the idea of adorning her creations with golden Buddhas, lotus flowers and other deities, as well as the Om symbol.  She said her cakes are created to bring a smile to her customers face and to inspire happiness in all that see (and eat!) them.  “When I make these cakes, my mind does not think, it just flows while I create.”

As well as her baker business, Stewart still works full-time and also volunteers at a local hospice, which has given her further insights into life – and death.

“I see life as a spiritual experience.  I look at people and now understand that you and I are having a spiritual experience – its’ called life. “Sometimes meditation can help unlock the greater meaning, whatever your purpose or calling might be, she adds.

“so, if you feel that there is something missing, or you are constantly trying to fill your life with things and still finding emptiness, that is your divine waiting to share something extremely beautiful with you.  It takes time and it takes persistence.”

Keep returning to the meditation, she says, and it can help to open up your path, whether that’s baking beautiful treats or something entirely different.  “Life is beautiful…and life can be even more beautiful just by practicing meditation..”